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New Blog Design + My Favourite Canadian Bloggers

Monday, March 23, 2015Unknown

Hello lovelies!! Did you notice something different about my blog today? I'm so excited to finally share my new blog design with you!! If you've been with me from the start, you've probably noticed me changing my blog theme about once a month (all lovely designs, but none were the perfect fit for me). If you're new to this blog, then be thankful that you didn't have to go through the confusion of a constantly changing web space.

I'm still tinkering with a few little changes to how my posts are displayed, but otherwise I'm proud to announce the new home of From Carly, With Love. Take a look around and let me know what you think! 

From Carly, With Love

In honour of my new blog design I thought it'd be fun to share some love and introduce you to a few of my favourite Canadian bloggers. I follow a fair amount of blogs written by people all over the world, but these lovely ladies all hold a special place in my heart simply because they're fellow Canadians (and because they're wonderful at what they do!) 

Local Wanderer

Taylor and Elaine; two girls after my own heart. These West Coast babes are a huge inspiration to me. They're real, they're fun, and they produce gorgeous photographs. When I travel, I like to experience a place like a local would; really immerse myself into the culture and spend my time exploring the city as if it were my own instead of hitting up all the normal tourist attractions. That's why I looove Local Wanderer, they give an honest, behind the scenes look, at the places they visit, showing you the best places to eat and things to see and do so you feel like a part of the community rather than an outsider. Localism, not tourism is their motto and I couldn't agree more!

Rebecca Jacobs (Wanderdust)

Rebecca is such a creative soul. Her writing voice is intriguing, her photos have a beautiful faded look to them, and her graphic design work shows true talent. Rebecca loves to thrift shop and she mostly blogs about about her stylish outfits, showing that a "beautiful life doesn't have to come at the expense of our wallet, our ethics, our environment, or anything else." She also shares lots of blogging and photography tips as well as gorgeous posts about her travels and insights. Rebecca's blog truly captivates me, and it's one of the only blogs where I make sure to read every single post that she produces. 

The Something New

Stefania is beautiful and so are her views on how we live our life. The Something New is all about making time for yourself, reclaiming your life, trying new things, and learning how to really live. In Stefania's own words: "The Something New is a lifestyle blog dedicated to a movement. #SomethingNewSaturdays is an initiative to attempt something new every week. It can be as simple as picking something different off a menu or taking a new perspective on an old thought." I think in today's world, where we get so preoccupied with our work, consuming every piece of information out there, and our routine, it is really important to take the time to step away from all that and focus on getting the most out of your life that you can. Follow along with Stefania's journey as she tries new things in her life and I promise you'll be inspired to do the same. 

The Fox and Fern

Jocelyn is filled with wonderful style inspiration. This girl really knows how to throw an outfit together. But what I love most about her is her love for the outdoors. She often pairs her outfit posts with shots of her in the mountains and talks about her hiking or snowshoeing adventures. (Man, I really need to get my butt in gear and move out west!) I love how Jocelyn's style is unique, it doesn't fit into any pre-labelled 'category', it's just her, and that's amazing! She has an outfit for every occasion, so no matter your taste, you're guaranteed to love her blog!

The Cup of Life

A little different from the other blogs I've listed here, but still very much one of my favourites. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with all things tea and so is Lu Ann. Her blog is a tea enthusiasts dream, filled with reviews of different types of tea or different tea companies, info on tea accessories, tips for steeping your tea, recipes for cooking with tea, and so much more! Tea is a very calming beverage and pairs well with your yoga or meditation practice. It's a healthy drink, packed full of delicious flavour, and it's a great drink to have to force yourself to take some well deserved relaxation time. If you want to learn more about tea or are interested in trying a different type of tea but don't know where to begin, Lu Ann's got you covered!

What do you guys think of my new blog design? Do you have a favourite Canadian blogger that you love to follow? Let me know so I can check them out :) 

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  1. Your new theme is looking great! I really like where you have the white writing on the maroon colour! I also love the about the author at the end of posts—I really wish my platform has as good a way to do that!

    I'm so flattered to be including on your list! It seems like I am in some amazing company—don't you just love Jocelyn's instagram!—as for the other 3 I can't wait to check them out!

    Your space is always such a positive place. Keep up all the good vibes! PS: You'll see tomorrow how we are on the same brain wave this week! I just might have a blogs I love post scheduled as well ;) Although, mine does not feature a brand spankin' new blog design... xx


    1. Aww thanks so much Rebecca. I'm glad you like it. People seem to be responding well to it, so I'm happy :)

      You're a great girl with a great blog, so I'm more than happy to share it with others!

      I noticed your blog post this morning and I'm off to read it now! We must have some psychic blogger connection going on as I believe we did our New Years Intentions posts back-to-back as well (but then again, it was New Years lol).

      I don't know anything about Squarespace (I think that's the platform you said you used). But I love the little author bio at the end of posts, so I did a quick little Google search for you. I think it's possible. I didn't watch the videos in this link but the one guy in the comments seems to have figured it out if the videos don't help you. It might be worth checking out -->