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From Carly, With Love
 Hi! My name's Carlene, or Carly for short. I'm 25 years old.

I hail from a small country town just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. That being said, I never seem to stay in one place for long. I absolutely live for travel and I'm constantly planning my next journey. I recently returned home after two years living in Sheffield, England and I'm already restless and in need of a new adventure. In addition to getting to see this beautiful world we live in and embracing new cultures and ways of life, I think my favourite thing about travel is how it continuously shapes who you are as a person - I owe much of my self discovery to travel.

Along with a heart full of wanderlust, I'm also incredibly inspired by nature. Mountains, forests, oceans, beaches, vast dessert landscapes, they all take my breath away (and yet at the same time, they are what calm me and truly allow me to breathe).

I'm also on a quest for mindfulness. I believe that life in the Western world is too busy and too focused on success and it has caused me a lot of anxiety over the years. Within the past year I have done a complete 180 in terms of my life path. I decided that law school wasn't for me and now focus more on myself; my body, my mind, my soul. My well-being is the most important thing to me, so to make sure I am as happy and healthy as can be I do a lot of writing to release any pent up feelings and also just to let my creativity flow, I also practice yoga and have started to learn the art of meditation.

As for my style, I'd describe it as casual, outdoorsy and bohemian. I like to be comfortable and I like to dress appropriately for the occasion. Right now my favourite items of clothing would have to be cute patterned leggings and over-sized knit sweaters (and it just so happens that they pair perfectly together!)

I hope that through my blog I can inspire others to live freely and live authentically. I want you each to embrace your quirks and cherish your uniqueness, to not be scared of others' expectations, to break free of societal 'norms' and instead live the life you've always dreamed of, and most importantly, to be wholeheartedly you!

I'm just making my way through life, figuring things out as they come along, So join me on my journey! I promise you'll be inspired.

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I'm a dreamer, an explorer, a writer, a free spirit, a jewelry designer, a beach lover and a tea addict.

I'm inspired by nature, yoga, photography, travel, outer space & whimsical fashion.

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