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7 Ways To Spring Clean Your Soul

Thursday, March 12, 2015carly

I may be getting ahead of myself here, but after a long, cold winter, I think it’s safe to say that spring is finally in the air. The snow is melting, vegetation is starting to sprout, birds are singing, and animals are coming out of hibernation. Spring is truly a season of renewal. So this year, instead of just dusting out your house, why not take some time to nurture and replenish your mind, body, and soul? Here are seven ways to indulge in a spiritual spring cleaning.

7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Soul

1. Journaling

There’s something so refreshing about sitting down with a piece of paper and a pen and just letting your thoughts flow out onto the page. Taking the time to write things down allows us to actually be conscious of our thoughts. Write about whatever comes to mind, don’t structure yourself, there’s no right or wrong way to journaling, just get everything out of your head so your mind no longer feels cluttered.

2. Let Nature Inspire You

Just like you’d open up the windows to air out your house after a long, stuffy winter, you also need to air out your soul. Step outside and breathe in that fresh spring air, feel the sun start to warm you up from the inside, take a walk to shake off all those cobwebs and witness the beautiful transformation that’s happening all around you.

3. Cleanse Your Body

Throughout the winter months we tend to eat more carb-filled foods and put on a little extra weight. That’s just our body’s way of trying to stay warm. But come spring, it’s time to toss those heavier foods aside and replace them with something lighter. Take the time to consider what you put into your body. By purging sugary foods, alcohol, unnecessary chemicals and opting instead for natural and organic foods, you won’t only feel healthier but you’ll have a lot more energy so you can get outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful weather!

4. Re-evaluate

You’ve probably created some bad habits over the winter months, what with spending so much time inside and all. Why not take this time to organize your priorities and eliminate senseless activities. Log out of your social media, put down the tv remote and spend your time doing something more productive and meaningful. By changing up your routine you’ll create new pathways to the brain and this will make you feel healthier and happier.

While you’re at it, why not re-evaluate your relationships as well. Vow to spend more time with the people that encourage you and who you can have fun with and stay away from those who constantly create a negative atmosphere. Your mood will be affected by the people you’re around and the environment you’re in, so if you’re serious about nourishing your soul, spend more time with people who positively enhance your mood.

5. Practice Yoga

We all know exercise is good for us; it calms our mind, reduces our stress, and helps to energize our bodies. Unfortunately for many of us, our exercising efforts tend to go downhill in the winter. Now is the time to get back into a routine. Yoga is a great way to recharge your mind, body, and soul and allows you to connect with your senses. I suggest trying some heart-opening poses like arching warrior, camel, upward facing dog, bow, or just a simple back-bend to help you feel light, centered, and joyous, and most importantly to help you foster a new appreciation for yourself.

6. Create Internal Space

It is important to create an internal space so you can separate positive from negative thoughts and so you can hear the whisperings of the mind as it guides you through life. Allow yourself some solitude; take a break from your daily rituals; turn off the tv, your cell phone, your computer and just check in with yourself on how things are going in your life. Allow yourself time to think, time to feel, and time to process all your thoughts and emotions.  Engage in meditation, this will help you to sort through all the clutter in your mind and release all the thoughts that no longer serve you.

7. Create A Daily Mantra

By creating a daily mantra (a positive phrase or affirmative statement) it helps you to focus on what you want to get out of the day so you can reach your fullest potential. By repeating something positive to yourself it reminds you of your purpose for the day and helps to keep you in good spirits. Your mantra should be something that really speaks to who you are and how you’re feeling. It can be a single word – dream, create, forgive; a prayer; or even your favourite quote. There really are no rules, just find something that encourages you.

So this spring, take some time to honour yourself; open your heart, air out your mind, and embrace the rebirth or your spirit. I promise you your soul will flourish.

While you’re at it, now would also be a good time to evaluate your progress on those New Years Intentions you set for yourself back in January. Or if you never got around to it, why not spend some time now considering your values and how they can help you live a more intentional life.

Do any of these practices stand out to you? How do you like to spring clean your soul?
Let us know in the comments! 

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