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The Food Forest

Tuesday, November 18, 2014carly

Organic. Fair trade. Raw. Healthy. Veggie. Vegan. Whole food. Living food. Gluten-free. Plant based. If you relate to any of these words (whether you follow a specific diet or just like to lead a healthy lifestyle) then I suggest you give this restaurant a try!

The Food Forest

The Food Forest in Peterborough, Ontario is a small cafe with a plant based menu that everyone can enjoy! They serve delicious smoothies and organic juices, soups, salads, cooked and raw entrees and of course dessert. They buy local, organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible and all of their meals are gluten-free. They are also licensed, serving gluten-free beer and organic wines (both vegan).
A Food Forest is a thriving edible woodland garden, built upon the principles of permaculture which embrace and work with nature to produce an abundance of nourishing food through an ecosystem that is diverse, sustainable, and resilient. We at the Food Forest strive to provide an outlet for education, awareness, nourishment, and the practice of our four main objectives: human health, animal welfare, environmental mindfulness and community.
~ The Food Forest
In addition to healthy and delicious food, the atmosphere of The Food Forest really draws you in. My friend Sarena and I went to check out this cafe after a tiring day of volunteering in a local garden and we were looking for a laid back cafe to just chill for a bit and grab a bite to eat. Sarena is raw vegan and had wanted to try out this cafe for a little while so we decided to go. From the second we walked into The Food Forest we knew we had found our spot. With a smoothie and juice bar in front of us, overflowing with fresh bananas, a cozy, dimly lit seating area off to the side and staff with dreadlocks, bandannas, nose rings and flower pattern pants we felt right at home.

Healthy, delicious, environmentally conscious and a true hippie vibe - I've definitely found my happy place! (Did I mention my sister lives next door? Lucky me!)

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